Why you need us

Why you should have a professional accountant look at your books.

As a business owner yourself, I am sure you are either making use of an accountant or have been approached by accounting firms to assist you with your financials. We specifically focus on making sure that money is saved in as many areas as possible.

Knowledge is power and when it comes to saving money in a business, we are all ears, because every cent adds up. Why would you want to pay the Taxman any more money than is needed?

Below are the services we offer :

  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Monthly management accounts (measure your business performance)
  • Statutory registrations and SARS returns:
    • VAT, PAYE, UIF, SDL (EMP201), IRP5, EMP501 bi-annual reconciliation, Workmen’s Compensation, CIPC annual duty
  • Company registrations
  • Income Tax – companies, close corporations and individuals
  • Tax clearance certificates
  • Payroll administration and services
  • Accounting Officer engagements (close corporations and companies)
  • Compilation engagements (ISRS 4410)
  • Annual financial statements
  • Company and Close Corporation CIPC services
  • Preparation of working paper files for auditors

We pride ourselves that we help our customers save great amounts of money.

Monthly accounting services

We perform various monthly bookkeeping and accounting services, such as:

  • Income statement & balance sheet
  • Debtors age analysis
  • Creditors age analysis
  • Monthly bookkeeping services
  • Monthly accounting up to trial balance
  • Fixed asset register maintenance
  • Balance sheet adjusting journals & reconciliations (Incl. Stock)
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Debtor’s processing and reconciliations
  • Creditor’s processing and reconciliations

Do you have employees in your business? It is extremely important to have your applications set up correctly from the beginning. Now more than ever we can see how many companies have not been set up properly. Let us assist you with this to help you save monies going forward.

We offer various payroll and remuneration services, including statutory compliance, as follows:

  • Issuing of a monthly or weekly employee payslip
  • Consulting & structuring of employee benefits
  • Registration for PAYE, UIF & SDL
  • Monthly PAYE, UIF & SDL return submissions (EMP201)
  • PAYE bi-annual reconciliation of tax deductions and tax certificates (EMP501)
  • Issuing of IRP5 & IT3 certificates annually

We pride ourselves with performing the following internal audit preparations to help you achieve this:

  • Year-end journal processing, eg, depreciation
  • Reconciliation of loan accounts
  • Reconciliation of debtors and creditors age analysis to supporting documentation
  • Reconciliation of fixed asset register to general ledger
  • Compiling supporting documentation in an audit file for easy access

As a business, you would require to have the correct financial paperwork to present to the bank, application process for loans, mortgages and more.

We set up, manage and report on every aspect of your monthly financial management requirements, including:

  • Comparative cash flow statement with prior year
  • Monthly management reports
  • Preparation of Cash Flow Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Assisting with monthly or yearly cash flow forecasting
  • Budgeting can include income statement and balance sheet
  • Assessing current cash flow needs and provide recommendations to cost-cutting of expenses

If you are thinking of starting a new business, you will require these services. It is important to start your accounting off on the right path. You do not want to be approached by SARS later on asking for monies owed for past unfiled paperwork.

We provide the following tax services:

  • Registration of all income tax and payroll taxes
  • Registration of VAT
  • Processing of VAT201’s on a monthly or bi-monthly basis
  • Processing of payroll taxes monthly
  • Assisting with income tax submissions yearly
  • Assisting with IRP6 submissions (provisional tax) on a half-yearly basis

Having someone in your corner giving you the best possible accounting and financial advice is essential. We do not want you to work hard and not be able to benefit from your efforts. Accounting is about following the rules and having years of experience to know the different trade industries and being able to find solutions to strengthen our clients’ financial footprint.

We offer free consultation calls and would be honoured to assist you at looking over your current business financial position and share our advice with you.

Have a wonderful day.

The HiTek Accounting Team

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