Small Business Money Advice

If you’re are a small business owner and your doors are currently closed, you might be in a position of urgency to create a new income stream during COVID-19. We suggest that you need to look within your current business and find a unique offering to start promoting and sell to your customers online.

You can generate a new income stream that can function as a permanent extra form of income for your business going forward. Most small businesses are now depending on finding a new business stream, as no funds are coming in until the lockdown is called off.

With the new operations levels placed into action now by the government, all businesses must prepare for a very different future. We cannot reply on waiting for work levels to change before making money. We need to think for ourselves, be creative, and support each other where ever possible.

Some advice that we have been sharing with our clients during this time, has been to spend their funds very sparingly. Meaning, make a list of essential payments and bills that have to be taken care of first.

Cancel or unsubscribe from any money wasting subscriptions at this stage and plan for each week going forward. With staff involved we understand that your concerns are high and that creating a new income would be ideal so you can continue to support your staff as well.

Do not let time pass you by now. Start thinking of new ideas and let us know if you need some assistance in this area. We love helping out customers, as your success is our success. We believe in taking matters into your own hands and creating business for you. Not everyone is creative and not everyone can think out of the box. So let us help you!

Money might be tight now, so look into services you can offer online where the cost is zero or very low. Offer courses in the skills you have, teach people what you already know.

Remember, in a room full of people, what do you know more about and what could you teach someone else. This is your magic power, this should be something you start working on immediately. We believe that the business industry is changing fast and we will be opened more to people working from home and running their businesses.

We can support you all the way and we want to see you succeed. Stay focused stay positive, and remember you have something unique to offer the world.

Go and do just that!


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