Tips on how to grow your business online

Are you struggling to get sales into your business during this time? Are your doors maybe closed and you have limited or no income to pay staff? We understand that the current situation has changed everything for all our clients and we want to share some tips and ideas on how to grow your business during lockdown.

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Share the story behind who you are, what your values are, and why you started your business. People love to buy from real people. There is power in sharing how you want to help your customers. Your story is so valuable and is worth sharing


People want to know who is behind the business. They want to connect to real people and you will allow your business to grow by proudly showing who you are. Describe your business in words to people that have never been to your shop or met you before. Be specific and share the details.


It’s time to refresh and restyle your brand. You don’t need to change everything, but start with updating your profile image, add your story to your website front page and send an email out with your picture to share your story with your customers.


This is the time to connect personally with your customers and future potential clients. Comment on your posts, send personal messages, emails, and text. Check-in with them and ask them how you can help them in any way.


Ask some of your clients to provide you with some awesome testimonials and thank you notes from them sharing their experience with you. Brag about this and share this with your tribe. People like seeing how happy other customers are to work with you.


Take the big step and go live. Share your story with your customers in your own words, tell them your day and what skills you can share with them to help them in their day. People will connect much faster with you when they get to see and hear from you themselves.


If you can make videos/or live videos of your actual skill/talent then share this with your customers on social. If you can teach people something you do each day, show them how to do something step by step. You can also design checklists, worksheets and PDF documents to guide your customers on how to grow their skills and knowledge.

We truly believe that each business needs to think out of the box, be creative and be open to change. Use the skills and arts you already have to make some massive change take place.

Stay safe

Nicolene Elhadad

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