How to start saving money today

Would you like to save money in some part of your business or life? I know I always look for ways to save, because I can think of such better ways to spend it.

When it comes to saving money, this is one area where everyone can always learn something new. I also believe that knowledge on saving money or any money matters should always be shared between people.

Entrepreneurs always look at money differently and there is a lot one can learn from the business people around you.

Below are a few tips on areas where you can look into how you are currently spending money and how you could possibly be saving some well earned cash.

  • Credit card charges. This might differ from country to country, but take an actual look at your statements and how much you are paying monthly, for individual charges and find out if another bank might have better rates. We always negotiate better rates and even have some accounts that don’t charge any fees.
  • Do you have memberships that you are not using? This area is huge for a lot of people. Are you a member at the gym, but you never go? Do you have a subscription to a magazine, but never read it. Do you maybe pay for something each month and not even be aware of it? Take a look in this area.
  • Do you order takeout food or buy something for lunch on a regular bases? This is something most people don’t even notice, but a lot of money is spend on takeout food and buying something small for lunch. When cash is tight in one area of your life, cut back on this area, keep to a peanut butter sandwich or some fruit, but you will be surprised on how much cash you can save in a month.
  • Could you drive with someone to work? Is there another option to travel to work that will also be safe, but cost less? Looking into this area could be saving you some good earned money as well.
  • Sell things you don’t need or use. This might sound silly to most people, but I have personally seen how people make a lot of extra cash from selling things that could be more useful to other people.
  • Could you get a second job, part time or in the evenings or weekends? Delivering pizza’s on weekends can bring extra money, and when you have debt, this is a great place to get an extra source of income. Think of these types of opportunities that might not be fun, but where you could earn great extra cash.
  • Eat out of your fridge. This is something we do very option. Once a month we clear out the fridge and freezers and only eat what is in there. We do not buy anything until these spaces have been cleared out and it also helps with wasting food.
  • If you do buy food, try to buy on-line if you have that option available. You might spend less as your eyes do not get lost in the aisles of food.
  • DO NOT buy anything on credit. If you do not have the cash for it, save up the cash first and then buy it. We have lived by this method from the day we met, and we never buy anything unless we have saved up for it. If you love the couch, save up for it.
  • If your car payment is too much and you could drive a much smaller car, or downscale to save half the expenses monthly to pay off debt, then you should not think twice. Cars do not increase in value and it’s not an investment, so make sure the car gets you to where you need to be, it should not drink your cash.

Sometimes in order to move forward you need to take a step back, re-evaluate your situation and make a plan. Taking control of your money is a big and brilliant step, no matter where you are in your life.


Every little bit of cash you can save, makes a difference. If you do not agree, then hopefully you are debt free and live comfortably, but for some people there are a few ways in which they can save by making some better choices. Start today and look into your money.

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Happy cash savings

Nicolene and Clyde

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