TIPS to Grow your business

Growing your business can be an exciting time, or a very stressful time for some people. I prefer to get excited when we go into a new phase of our business or when we want to spice things up, make some changes and grow the numbers.

Business growth can come in different forms, from moving to a bigger premises, hiring more staff, pushing for more sales, growing your stock levels, expanding your marketing or taking a course to invest in yourself. All of these areas will lead to the growth of your business in some way, and all of these can be scary to do.

I would suggest the following 6 steps to get moving in the right direction:


  1. Take the area of your business you want to grow in and break it down. Write down what your ‘why’ is, and why you want to venture into this grow area in your business. (You will need this great reason to remind yourself when things might not be going your way, or things just get sticky. Believe it not,  they will get sticky and hard and you might think you made a mistake, but it is part of the entrepreneurs game. Just keep playing)
  2. Sit down, with your pen and paper and break down how this new change will affect you personally, your time, your family, your current working position and hours as compared to the way it is today. This can be positive or negative, but be honest. If it means you will work longer hours, write it down. If you will need to travel more and be away from home, put it on your list.
  3. List all the people that will be involved in this venture, who will be effected, and if new staff member will be needed to do this specific change. This will include family, friends, co-workers or babysitters. Think about your full day for the next couple of weeks.
  4. By when do you want to have this venture completed and actively part of your current business frame? You need a date and timeline. Saying in a few weeks or few months is not allowed. Put an amount of days here and choose a date. It makes it REAL and put the universe behind your energy flow.
  5. Do you have the money to do this? Work out if there will be any expenses, new salaries, traveling or anything you can think of that could cut into your cash flow as it is today. And see if your comfortable with this. I always suggest you budget a bit higher to play it save.
  6. And lastly, now look at your timeline as dated above and lets work it back. Starting right now, what can you do to make this move forward. Not tomorrow, right now

Can you post an advert to find a new staff member?, Can you build a new social media advert to post to your customers?, can you search for new property and send your details to some property agents to call you back?



Whatever it is that you can do, it’s important to do it NOW. Getting active on it, will create and activate a positive vibe in your body and mind and this will get the momentum going.

I know doing this will improve and grow my business tremendously and just thinking about it gets me excited. Think about what you want to do, break it down and get it done now. Keep me posted on what your plans are and how they are going .We love hearing back from our tribe.

Go get things done now,

Talk to you soon